Steve Austin is one of those types that has no problem being blunt on his take with fancy cocktails. BuzzFeed Celeb picked the perfect person to trial quite a few drinks since he clearly isn't Willy Wonka by never sugar coating his opinion.

While filming this taste test with Steve Austin the BuzzFeed Celeb crew had to have been worrying about the options they had set aside. Reason why I state this is because 22 seconds into the video Steve already goes on just the appearance of his first drink. You gotta admit though seeing such a buff dude drinking fancy cocktails out of a fancy glass is funny. If you're a fan of the Cosmo or Appletini, you can take that sigh of relief once you hear his opinion on those cocktails.

If you're a Steve Austin fan and occasionally enjoy those fancy cocktails, check out what cocktails he isn't sweet on!

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