In a May 2011 interview with Guitar International, Satchel stated about the recording process for "Balls Out", "We've been recording since last August and we've been tracking five songs at a time so we focus intently on a few songs rather than all 15 at once. We're just finishing up the last five now and they all sound amazing. I would say that out of the 15 songs we've recorded, there are at least 10 or 12 No. 1 singles in there."
The outrageous and popular '80s-style "hair" band STEEL PANTHER will release its new album, "Balls Out", on October 18. The CD's first single will be "If You Really, Really Love Me". Video footage of STEEL PANTHER vocalist Michael Starr (real name Ralph Saenz; ex-L.A. GUNS) and guitarist (real name Russ Parrish; ex-FIGHT) working on the song at TRS West Studios in Los Angeles can be seen below.
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