Spring break is upon us. Many students are counting down the seconds for their spring break to begin! Beaches in Texas, like South Padre Island are preparing for the swarm of college students ready to hit the water and forget about their studies if even just for a few days. If you're one of those students, or at least one of the many families that travel to the Texas beaches for spring break be on the alert of high fecal bacteria!

According to officials with Texas Beach Watch, some Texas beaches are reporting high levels of fecal matter and are warning visitors to plan ahead. If you are heading out to a beach this spring break, you can check out the map of Texas beaches here where they let you know where high levels are being reported.

There are potential health risks associated with swimming in water with a high fecal content that include contracting typhoid fever, viral and bacterial gastroenteritis and hepatitis A. So check out the map before you head out and be safe this spring break! Also, wear sunscreen because many people always forget that!


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