How cool is this? Astronauts aboard the International Space Station had their very own taco Tuesday, well actually it was a taco Friday but still, and were even able to add a little bit of spice to their tacos with some Hatch Green Chile.

We all know that Hatch Green Chile is the best chile, no matter what people in Colorado say! Because it is the superior chile, astronauts were able to grow their very own Hatch Green Chile as part of NASA's Plant Habitat-04 investigation, in order to further understand "plant-microbe interactions" in space, NASA said.

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The scientists began growing their peppers back in July and were finally able to enjoy the fruits of their labor on Friday, October 29th, after collecting all their data, and have themselves a little taco party. Check out the pictures astronaut Megan McArthur shared on Twitter of the taco party!

Astronauts had previously been able to grow lettuce and radishes before; but because peppers take longer to grow, this was the first time they were able to successfully grow the famous chile aboard the spacecraft.

Call me crazy but this is the kind of marketing that needs to be done in order to get people willing to go to space! Tacos and Hatch Green Chile? Sign me up! Of course, I'm pretty hesitant about going to space; there's tons of problems down here, how about we fix that first before we go destroying another planet? Maybe that's why the billionaires are so anxious to get to space! But I digress.

I guess my point is, I'd totally eat tacos in space with some Hatch Green Chile.

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