Almost everyone loves to go hunting for a spooky time in El Paso. Unfortunately, one popular spot with guaranteed paranormal activity in El Paso is currently out of service for a long time. The De Soto Hotel had caught fire last Friday, on February 4 leaving paranormal fanatics shocked.

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De Soto Hotel was the place we knew we could rely on to give us some kind of spook. The downtown hotel was featured on Ghost Adventures exposing a toxic spirit knocking a fan off the shelf.

There were some creepy moments the Ghost Adventures crew witnessed at De Soto Hotel. But since the fire, De Soto Hotel won't exactly be hosting any more ghost tours for a while.

But luckily, another spooky spot that is also guaranteed to creep you the hell out is a bit away from El Paso. If you're all about hunting down some spirits then mark your calendars for Saturday, February 26 for a creepy adventure.

There will be a guided tour taking allowing you the chance to scope out the "Grand Old Lady" for chills and thrills. Now the "Grand Old Lady" I am referring to is the haunted courthouse and jail in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The old Dona Ana County Courthouse & Jail is definitely haunted like De Soto Hotel in El Paso is. My dad sure had his fair share of scary stories to tell while he was working there.

You can check out AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society's video of their tour they shared on YouTube (above). If you're interested in getting spooked or just been curious about Dona Ana County Courthouse and Jail you can get more details and purchase your tickets by clicking here.

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