Fiiiiiiinally ... "the boys are back in town"!

Sons Of Anarchy return tonight for season 6 and, rumor has it, the premiere is going to be one of the most BRUTAL tv show episodes ever!

There's certainly enough bad blood around Charming these days to bring about the violence.  (And that's just between SOA members and family!  Let's not forget their cohorts, other MCs, the police, the feds ... having Danny Trejo on your azz is never good! ... a former marshal with an axe to grind, street gangs and the irish.)

Plus a house full of porn stars!  (Like "Lyla", pictured below on the cover of Playboy!)


For those of you who forgot everything that happened in season 5 over the summer, I have a refresher for you.  Remember why Clay and Tara are both in jail?  How Jax got Juice and Tig under his thumb?  What happened to Tigs daughter and Opie?  Read this and you'll be pretty much caught up in time for tonight!

The Coors Lights are chilled, the grill is ready to go and my phone goes on mute as soon as I get home tonight.

This is gonna ROCK!!


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