The legal water has always been a little bit muddy here but the lone star state just cleared it all up once and for all.

Texas has some weird driving laws, we all know that, but some have always been stuck in a sort of "grey" area.

For instance, in Texas, a motorcycle isn't legally required to have turn signals. If it does have them, they have to work properly. Otherwise, the bike won't pass inspection.

Can Motorcycles Ride Side By Side In Texas?

Riding side by side is/was also a no-no but I don't know of anyone ever being cited for it. The cops themselves ride 2 abreast.

I guess, there's always a tiny bit of back and forth so you can't really say they were truly "side by side".  Meaning the bikes are always a tiny bit offset.

Weird but don't worry, this gets cleared up too in a minute.

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Is Lane Splitting Legal For Bikers In Texas?

Anyway, lane splitting ... the act of a biker riding between vehicles ... has never been legal in Texas but there's never been a clearly defined penalty for it either.

That changes today, Sept. 1, in Texas, where a new law amends the Transportation Code that turns that gray area pitch black, formally making lane splitting illegal. Introduced earlier this year as House Bill 4122, the new law specifically makes it against the law to operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic, or for a motorcycle to pass another vehicle in the same lane. -

That settles that then.

Now, back to riders rolling along side by side in the same lane.

That issue is also addressed in this same bill and that has also been cleared up.

It's legal and carries no penalty.

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