Maybe you saw her, maybe you didn't. She's quick. For those that missed her, I think she should come back so, here's an open invitation Robyn ...

The guys riding and stunting around El Paso may think it's a "man's world" but heads up fellas, it's not an exclusive club anymore. More and more women are riding these days and some of them are really stepping things up.

A lady known as Robyn was filmed tearing it up in El Paso a while back and has since, seemingly, vanished. I guess she was here for a work thing and it ended but it would be great if she would come back.

I guess, so our lawyers don't freak out, I should point out that riding like Robyn has certain risks. It's also totally illegal to do this on a public roadway.

Now that they're happy ...

Robyn, if you're reading this, I'd like to personally invite you back to El Paso.
It would not only be great to see you run through your whole repertoire, we could probably do some good too.

Barnett Harley Davidson has "Bike Nights" throughout the summer and I'm pretty sure space could be made for you to show off. This would also probably be safer than I-10. Trust me, as a fellow biker, when I say that El Paso drivers can be ... troublesome.

Barnett does a ton of events for Vitalant throughout the year too.

The El Paso Motorcycle Coalition also does fundraisers and arranges a HUGE motorcycle parade/toy run every year. (Robyn, can you imagine doing the whole parade on one wheel??)

Or, we could put something together with the charity of your choice.

Your call Robyn, what do you think?

Feel free to email your RSVP to

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