Today is the day Sonic has released their pickle slushie for pickle lovers to try! I do have a soft spot for pickles but NOT enough to try a Sonic pickle slushie.

There are people who prefer popcorn during a movie while I prefer to eat a pickle instead. Not only that, before when I would attend a social outing with friends I would be the one to order pickleback shots. I enjoy pickles but NOT to the extreme of drinking a slushie that tastes like pickles. I think if I were to try the Sonic pickle slushie I would probably have the same reaction as the dude above. You could be one of those people that love pickle juice so much you won't mind downing an entire pickle slushie. Now Jackie above is NOT a fan of pickle and John Bud caught her reaction on camera. But people who are a fan of pickles may not be a fan of the pickle slushie.

I won't be the person to pay for a pickle slushie but won't mind trying someone else's.

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