Here I am, sitting in the control room at KLAQ, playing El Paso's Best Rock, and wondering where I can get me some bath salts. Do you think Bed Bath and Beyond has had a huge run on the stuff this past week? I seem to know a lot of people who wouldn't fight becoming a zombie. (Ask Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babe for her reasoning behind this.)

What would be you song list for the Zombie-pocalypse? Songs to crank up while either eating brains, or shooting the undead? What's going help you score the "Zombie Kill of the Week"?

Here are a few songs I'll probably be listening to as I reload the shotgun and barricade my doors. I hope I have enough water.

1. Anything (and everything) from Cannibal Corpse

Really, you'd be surprised by this? What list would be complete without the kings of Death Metal? They probably have more songs about zombies than any there other bands combined. Evisceration Plague is a great record, but you can pull from pretty much any CC album for great zombie songs.

2. Misfits "Night of the Living Dead"

No list of horror music would be complete without the Misfits making an appearance on it. There's always "Dig Up Her Bones" from the later years, but you always have to go with the classics.

3. Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear The Reaper"

Another no brainer, really. Except in this case, you'd probably fear him a little bit, seeing as how you'll turn into a rotting, shambling mess and join in the ranks of other rotting, shambling messes on the search for tasty, tasty brains. Unless you start up your own little cult of Vegan-Zombies.

Yeah, I didn't think so.

4. Rob Zombie "More Human Than Human"

No one will make the mistake of leaving out the guy with Zombie in his name, would they? I know most people will go straight for "Living Dead Girl", and that's okay, too. There's just something about this one that really gets the blood pumping, so to speak, that should be excellent for the Zombie-pocalypse.

5. Anthrax "Fight 'Em Til You Can't"

Not only did Anthrax come screaming back big with "Worship Music" last year, but there's a cool song on the album about killing zombies! "The murder in your eyes is just the will to stay alive, you gotta fight 'em" is a classic line in an Anthrax song!

Don't even ask why "Zombie" from the Cranberries isn't on this list: 1. It's not about zombies, and 2. It's annoying.

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