The First Zombie Proof House [Photos]
When deciding what my first post for the site should be, inspiration struck in the form of 3 vodka tonics, copious amounts of Michelob Ultra, and a completely irrational fear of the zombie apocalypse. And thus I found this house online, the first zombie-proof house!
Is It Too Soon To Zombie Prank in Miami? Apparently Not [VIDEO]
It was only a few weeks ago that a "zombie" attacked a homeless guy and chewed his face off. The "zombie" took a crapload of bullets before finally "dying". Hopefully those bath salts don't bring him back again. The victim, Ronald Poppo is apparently doing well, although he looks like hell. Sorry, I didn't' mean to rhyme there.
Zombies in El Paso? Man Bites Bus Passengers
This one needs to be sent in to the Zombie Apocalypse Map. El Paso may have a hit. Nobody's face got chewed off, but there was a man on a SunMetro bus who was arrested after allegedly assaulting a fellow bus passenger...with his mouth!

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