Living in El Paso, we don't usually get snow. It gets cold, but we hardly, if ever, get any snow. Well this week we noticed the temperatures get REALLY cold, so it looked like a possibly that we might see snow soon. I remember last year predicting that we would get snow in December before the new year. Well it's save to say that... I was wrong as the El Paso National Weather Service predicts that we might get snow later this evening into tomorrow.

As a result, a lot of business in El Paso have decided to close for the day tomorrow so here's a list of everywhere that will be closed on Thursday.

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KTSM El Paso posted a giant list of everywhere that will be closed (or delayed) but I'll summarize in a nutshell:

  • All El Paso & Las Cruces school districts will be closed; UTEP & EPCC campuses will be closed with classes taught remotely.
  • El Paso County Courthouse/Offices will be closed. All employees will work online in a telework capacity
  • YWCA El Paso will be closed
  • The New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo will be closed. You can see additional closures on the City of Alamogordo Government's Facebook page.

These services WILL continue running like normally tomorrow:

  • Environmental Services: trash & recyclables will be collected Thursday & Friday
  • Sun Metro & the Streetcar will run like normal

TXDot has also spent this week preparing the roads just in case we get icy conditions. So if it DOES snow tonight, make sure to take all the precautions on protecting your stuff, make sure to stay warm & if you DO have to drive, just go a little slower. Nothing is more inconvenient than having to dig your car out of the snow. Then again if YOU do have to shovel snow, you could wear an inflatable while you do it...

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