Checking the Cruising the Clubs list for tonight, I see one of favorite bands is playing at the House of Rock, Worm-Hole from our neighbors up the road, Las Cruces. It's another multi-band bill, so score another one for me! Looking at the listed time, and seeing 8p as the start time, I think , "That's a bit odd, shows normally don't start til after 9 usually."

So I show up at 8:30, leaving work late as usual, and there's no band. The guy at the door confirms what I had thought, the the bands wouldn't start until at least 9:30-10.

Flash forward to the show, which as a whole, sounded like it was sponsored by Scott Weinrich (Wino) of The Obsessed. A night filled with the doomiest, sludgiest, 70's style hard rock available. It was fantastic!


First up, my buddies in Las Cruces based Worm-Hole. You might remember Travis from New Mexican Erection, and this band is one of favs. These guys understand the power and weight of the slow, heavy riff. They lay down the Sabbath meets Obsessed meets Kyuss hard rock as well as anyone around. And they're the kind of players that make you want to go home and practice. Great songs, great groove and a fun band to see.

Powered Wig Machine

Don't let their name put you off, this is a really good band. Another band that has that heavy, sludgie vibe, but this one from more of the revival style that's been cropping up the last several years. These guys are like The Sword kind of 70's throwback style, and really sound great. From Sierra Vista, Arizona, they came in to play two nights with Worm-Hole, here in El Paso and then in the LC. Great doomy cover of "Stranglehold".


Now, take the doom and sludge of the previous two bands, and add Randy Blythe of Lamb of God as the singer. That's kind of what I think of when listening to this band. They have the music and riffage of the 70's throwback style, but then bring the contemporary metal screaming of the last decade of metal. Really good band from Tucson, Arizona.

For All The Enemies

The final band on the bill comes from El Paso, and is quite different from the rest. They're more hardcore, metalcore. More like A Day to Remember, or a band that popped into my head, Attack Attack! The female drummer killed her kick drum head a couple songs into their set, so the video has no kick on it, but they played a good set, with one guitarist handling the clean vocals, and the vocalist handling the screams. They have a lot of energy, and really bring it performance-wise.

I ran into several people tonight to hang with, including Lance Gier of 11:11 and Texas Roadkill; Steve Salazar (formerly of Cantina Flys); Eddie Garcia of Pissing Razors, Cowboys From Hell Paso, Overkill fill-in drummer; Matt Martinez of Cowboys From Hell Paso! Had a few beers, watched some great live music, and a great night.

I'm looking forward to next weekend's shows. It'll be on Saturday, though, since I have a work thing on Fridat night at the Holiday Inn Airport. The 70's Party for our sister-station, KISS-FM. I'm the photographer, so I'll be there.

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