I say Part 1 because things like this happen to me so often, I can totally see this becoming a series....

My "go-to" grocery store was recently remodeled and everything's different. I needed help yesterday...here's what happened! (Names have been omitted to protect the innocent and, possibly, a big account for the station.

  • Me: Where is your incense?
  • Her: (glancing, all around): Incense?  Ummmmm.........It issssss...onnnnnnnn..........uhhhhh.   Hmmmm.  Uhhhh.....
  • Me: (in my head): Wow. She doesn't even know what it is!?
  • Her:  Ummmm, soooo....is that like a (hesitates) food or ... something? (Raises eyebrows, expectantly)
  • Me:  It's used as a fragrance. To add aroma to a room, or cover odors.
  • Her: Oh, those would either be in the pharmacy or, maybe, down "that way"...
  • Me: (in my head): I know it's used in some religious practices but, I would hardly consider it a pharmaceutical.  Out loud, I say: ... with a smile and in a friendly manner ... "Well, that narrowed it down to this half of the store!!".
  • Her: (laughs) Well...really, I don't think we have things like that
  • Me: Air fresheners? Candles? Room deodorizers?  They're usually all together.
  • Her: Oh!!  In that case, they would be over that way. (points)
  • Me: All the scented stuff?
  • Her: I think so! (happy smile, raised eyebrows) She adds, questioningly, as I start to walk away, "I would try, maybe, aisle 16 or 17!?!?"
  • Me:  Ok, thank you!  (Thinking I'll just start at the end and go aisle by aisle until I find it or a manager....)
  • Her:  If not there, I think Wal-Mart has it!!
  • Me: (Waving) Ok, thank you.

Luckily, it was on 17. Now that I've written this, if I forget again, I can just re-read it. It'll be much easier!

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