David Hasselhoff, the actor, has decided that what he really wants to be is a heavy metal singer He needs your help though.

David Hasselhoff has been acting ... save the smart-alec remarks for later please, this gets better ...  forever. He's had steady roles in hit tv series like Knight Rider and Baywatch, made movies like Click and Dodgeball and made it to Broadway for roles in The Producers, Chicago and Jekyll & Hyde. He's released a few albums too including  Looking For Freedom which actually sold really well in Europe.

Now, "The Hoff" is turning his sights to the world of Heavy Metal, teaming up with Austrian metal band CueStack. (They're not bad really, check them out above. How Hasselhoff does with them, we'll see.)) They started this project back in 2018 with Hasselhoff jumping on board in 2019 and now, in late 2020, they're finally ready to release their first single, "Through The Night".  I'm not sure if the world is ready for this ... or even really wants it ... but, here it comes.

The forthcoming album is pretty much finished but, Hasselhoff and company aren't quite done yet and they've run out of money. So, they're doing what everybody does these days when they need cash; launching an online begging campaign. That's where you come in. It's a Kickstarter deal which you can access here if you want to donate.

The world will either thank you ... or, never forgive you ... for your help.


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