And here we go again.

I'm going to give most of you religious people a pass on this. I fully realize that the person we're about to discuss is a bit more extreme than most. But still, are we really discussing witches and spells in 2022?

If mankind can get past a few speedbumps here and there, we're going to consider 2022 part of the dark ages. We still have some people believing in magical evil fairytales.

If you haven't heard, a Central Texas mom is warning everyone not to watch Hocus Pocus 2 because they might be passing along some spells through your TV. (Author shakes head and releases a big sigh.)

It seems so reductive to even delve into the ignorance here. We still have to deal with it though before a legion of idiots grab torches and start hunting for witches. I guess I should back up and say that the witches of today are far too busy gathering sage and listening to Stevie Nicks songs to come up with an evil masterplan to curse you through your television.

I encountered a smidge of this myself this weekend when someone at the haunted house said, "you have to be careful visiting because you might bring something home," as if we employed real demons. (FYI, I'd charge you extra for that.)

We have to move past these superstitions. None of these things, from dancing to liquor on Sundays to Teddy Ruxpin or Harry Potter, has ever been proven to have any ill effects at all. It's garbage meant to frighten you and it has no value.

People like this Texas mom are holding humanity back and should either be laughed at or ignored.

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