Not only is she gorgeous, she's pretty fun too! We'll just keep watching her twerk for the next couple hours. Lexy Panterra is known for her video of her twerking to the song "Lean On" in a room by herself. There are many twerking videos online, but for some reason the entire internet was enthralled by her mesmerizing hip movements. The video ended up getting well over 10 million views on Youtube and I'll admit I even started following her on Twitter. You could say I have become a big fan of Sexy Lexy.

Well now that the entire internet has been introduced to Lexy and her talent, the guys over at the whatever channel on Youtube decided to turn it up a notch and have Miss Panterra twerk in public. Basically on anything. Some people look disgusted, others confused and even one guy tries to learn the proper twerk from Lexy. Check out the video for yourself above.