Not exactly sure but one wrong move can make the Segway spin out of control. A few guys circled around a Segway brainstorming how to tame the Segway that was doing donuts at a high speed.

While one man is filming this heroic save, you will notice two dudes standing while holding some rope they're going to use. They stood around for a bit trying to figure out their next move on stopping this out of control Segway. The first guy you notice on the video attempts to throw his rope and stop the Segway which turns to a complete fail. Soon after, the man bun dude decides to jump right in and play skip-it that has him land flat on his tush! After his epic fail it just gets worse for the guy when he gets whacked right in the back of his head. The funniest part about witnessing a couple dudes trying to tame the Segway is the guy who's laughing hysterically at his friends. They finally managed to put a stop to the out of control Segway but had to endure some battle wounds!

The ending sure will give you a laugh when the dude with a man bun tries to play skip-it with the Segway!

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