There is nothing wrong at all with wanting to make a simple change to something we already got comfortable with. Every time I see the big bright red X I always remember my old kickball league days. Not only that, I associated the red X with a personal memory of visiting Ciudad Juarez just to see the red X. Well, we can all say goodbye to what once was a huge red x but now transforming to a white giant X this time around. As you will see the embedded photo from El Paso Upcoming's Instagram a transformation in the middle of its process. There are children that are growing up and won't remember how the X originally started. There will be stories being told about this particular beautiful type of architecture. One thing for sure, once this pandemic settles down and times are safer I plan on visiting the X again.

What was the red X was nice to see on the drives I have taken on the border highway in the evening. I know distractions can be considered a bad thing while you're driving on the road. But a quick glance can be amazing as you're driving along the border highway. Since the X (La Equis) has been around and the color red for quite some time now, it is time for a change. The new white painted coat will help protect from paint decay and corrosion. I am excited to take a cruise on the border highway just to see how it looks at night with a different shade.

The Red X (La Equis)

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