Benito, the beloved giraffe who lived just across the border from El Paso, Texas in Ciudad Juarez and became an star, will soon meet with one of Big Bird's feathered family member!

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First of all, did you know that Big Bird had family members? Well, he does! He's got family all over the world! And now, one of his cousins is going to meet our beloved Benito!

Benito the Giraffe from Ciudad Juarez
SalvemosBenito via Instagram Reel

If you're from El Paso, then you probably already know about Bentio.

Benito the giraffe came to Ciudad Juarez back in May of 2023 to live at the Parque Central. It was a lonely life for Benito who lived alone; and it didn't take long for many to notice that the conditions that Bentio lived in were not adequate for a giraffe!  After a campaign for Benito, he was moved to Africam Safari in Puebla, Mexico. And he's doing so well!

Well, everyone loved the story of Benito, even Abelardo, Big Bird's cousin!

Abelardo Montoya is from Mexico, and he's part of "Plaza Sesamo"- and he recently became a big fan of Benito!

Back in February, Abelardo inquired about Benito- asking if anyone knew him or was friends with him, because he would like to meet him!

Well, Africam Safari, where Benito lives now, replied back- and invited Abelardo to visit Benito in Puebla!

Abelardo and Africam Safari are both very excited for the visit; but no word if this will be featured on Plaza Sesamo- yet!

Benito is famous, and clearly his story has touched the heart of many! We cannot wait to see the update from Abelardo!

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