Not sure about you but I was today years old when I discovered something fun to do in the borderland. If you have ever wondered what it is like to paint nature's scenery while sitting in it, get your hiking gear ready.

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There is this cool get-together that anyone who loves nature and painting would love. I am sure Bob Ross is looking down and feeling proud about this El Paso group.

Just picture it, sitting down with a small group and hearing the sound of nature all around. Now if you ask me, this place definitely has zen written all over it.

The group you can join for a painting session in nature goes by Frontera Land Alliance. If you're at all curious about what they're about check out their Facebook page.

They don't host painting sessions that often but do so every once in a while. Painting isn't the only thing this group focuses on.

You will see this group posting about all kinds of neat projects they do. Especially the kind that takes care of the environment in the El Paso community.

They schedule meet-ups for clean-ups at certain hiking trails to ensure the trash goes where it really belongs. Another cool thing about this local group is the things you can learn on their adventures.

They explore the El Paso Museum of Archeology trails where they come across all sorts of critters. So if you're looking for something to do that is adventurous this group is for you.

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