Almost everyone enjoys hearing or reading a story that touches hearts. There is a story that is going viral online about a Juarez teen who celebrated his birthday recently.

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The reason this story is so special is because of how humble the teen is. After reading David's story I had to grab the box of tissues since it gave me the waterworks.

Before I give you a quick summary of the story I want you to consider how fortunate you are. Most teens who turn 14 expect usually tend to ask for the latest technology which is extravagant.

I look back at past birthdays I celebrated and feel thankful for every single one. But David's story will teach those who are materialistic a thing or two.

We should all know by now that there are some families in Ciudad Juarez that are less fortunate. So a small gesture such as a birthday cake and pizza means the world to some.

As for David, his birthday wish was basically asking for pizza, soda, and cake. But his birthday wish wasn't just for him, he wanted those things to share with all his neighbors.

Now that right there is the opposite of a selfish person if you ask me. David's the kind of person who doesn't only think of himself but others as well on his special day.

David is only 14 and works making bricks in Juarez and was beyond excited about his birthday surprise. As you will see from the photos his smile says it all.

I hope David had the happiest of birthdays and was so happy he was surprised on his special day. It certainly makes me happy to see this teen's birthday going viral online from Expresa TV Facebook and Acontecimientos Aguilares Facebook.

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