AMC really wants you to give Into The Badlands a chance. I know this because a.) they moved Talking Dead back an hour so you can't watch it until after Badlands is over (something I'm not willing to wait up for) and b.) they won't show the two-minute preview of the next half of TWD season until after ten minutes of Badlands (something I'm reluctantly willing to do).

If you didn't see the preview, I've got it at the end of this post. But first, a 20-second recap of last night's episode. SPOILER ALERT.

The zombies break through the walls of Alexandria. You'd think this would mean the most action packed episode ever but, of course, you'd be so, so wrong. The main characters all make it indoors where they spend the next 50 minutes catching their breath and talking about what a close call that was.

Carol and Morgan fight and Dickhead Ron tries to kill Carl. Again. This sulky little emo knob couldn't kill Judith, much less Carl but he does manage to break a window and the zombies start to get in. Deanna is about to die from a zombie bite she got at the beginning of the show but she decides to take a few of the walkers with her. Somehow, delirium and imminent death must give you better marksmanship because she actually hits her targets. Rick, Carl, Michonne and a bunch of dead weight decide to smear zombie guts all over themselves and casually walk through the throng of walkers.

If this has been an option all along why haven't they done it since season one? If it was me, I wouldn't get out of bed in the zombie apocalypse without slathering myself head to toe with walker viscera.

Here's the preview: