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Relax With Walkers on a 'Walking Dead' Cruise January 2016
One of the last places you want to be stranded and surrounded by zombies, or "walkers" in a real zombie apocalypse is on a boat. Luckily, the Walker Stalker Cruise gives you the experience of being trapped out in the ocean with zombies and some fan favorite Walking Dead cast member…
The Walking Dead Monster Mash
Here's a video to get you into the Halloween spirit. Thanks to some clever editing, check out this great video of the cast of The Walking Dead singing a zombie smashing rendition of “Monster Mash.”
Baby Daryl?
A listener named Danny sent me a picture of his baby along with the following:
"Some of my friends say my baby look like Daryl Dixon. Since you like walking dead so much I'd figure i'd get your opinion on the matter."
What do you think? Is it possible that this tiny infant …

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