None of us are happy with the COVID 19 situation, nor the fact that it has compromised our money, necessities, jobs, and basic freedoms.

Our tempers aren't holding up very well either and those opposing these restrictions are becoming more vocal across the country. A "Safely Reopen Texas" rally held in El Paso Saturday resulted in the man who organized it being cited for "not having a permit to hold a protest and for violating the emergency order by contributing to mass gathering". (KFOX)

Granted, not getting a permit ... whether you like or not ... was on him. Laws, good, bad or ugly; are laws. If you break them, you should expect a penalty. (Example: Speeding is against the law. The COVID 19 situation does not change that. Do 60 in a 55, you'll be cited. Period.)

The question here revolves around the second citation and whether or not officials, (city, county, state, federal, whoever), are out of line in penalizing people for exercising their 1st amendment right to peacefully assemble. Granted, exposing yourself to a potentially fatal virus isn't smart.  However, if you want to; should you be able to??

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