Who knew that waiting for your results on whether you have Covid-19 would feel so scary. Since Friday afternoon, I have been in quarantine waiting to hear my results. They say it could take 3 to 5 days or possibly longer for results and I am hoping that day is today. If the doctor decides to test you for Covid-19 just know it is the most uncomfortable test. Testing for Covid-19 is so uncomfortable the doctor has you lean against a wall to stick you.

In my opinion, the worst part about this is the waiting part that lets your mind worry. The last time I worried was when I waited for my pregnancy test results. As for me the hardest part about this all is not being able to hug or see my kids. It is a scary feeling that so many people aren't taking seriously. Watching the news and seeing crowds of people at the lake partying as if Covid-19 doesn't exist. The number of cases is still on the rise as well as the number of deaths.

Just because they're slowly re-opening doesn't mean that it is safe out there. You're safe if you take the right precautions and follow the rules that help keep you safe. Since my visit to the doctor's office last Friday, I have been instructed to self-quarantine. I am anxiously waiting to hear my test results and praying they're negative for Covid-19. One thing for sure is after this I won't ever take life for granted and live it to the fullest. I hope you remain careful when you're out and about to help keep Covid-19 from spreading more.

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