Let me start off by saying that Southwest University Park is great. I love it, it's at a great location downtown, it's a beautiful stadium and it's just a great atmosphere.

Mauricio Muniz
Mauricio Muniz

However, the Locomotive really need their own stadium. Southwest University Park is really designed for baseball, not soccer. But, Loco fans really make it work because it seems like almost every Locomotive game is sold out. Although, I am sure that many would agree with me on this- the Locos really need their own stadium- one that could be like Socorro Independent School District's planned second Student Activities Complex.

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That's right, Socorro ISD will soon break ground a second Student Activities Complex, or SAC. SAC 2, as it's being called, will $58.9 million, and will house about 6,500 and 7,500 people- to note, the current SAC has a capacity of 10,815.

This new SAC will allow Socorro schools to have football games, soccer games and really any outdoor school-related event you can think of.

If you're as big a locomotive fan as this guy is, then of course the news of this SAC 2 made you kind of go "WTF?!"

But it is understandable; according to KTSM the SAC 2 project is part of Socorro ISD’s Bond 2017, a $448.5 million Bond voted on and passed by the community in November, 2017. The bond will also be responsible for the reconstruction of Socorro High School; the construction of of two new elementary schools and one new middle school; improvements at Montwood, El Dorado and Americas high schools; the construction of multi-purpose rooms at 16 elementary schools; and developments to improve and maintain SISD support services- so I guess it's all worth it.

I just thought this was a good time to repeat- the Locomotive really need their new stadium- maybe when they're not using the SAC 1 they can lend it to Locomotive. Or the SAC 2 also works.

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