Over time I have shared some fun places for you to visit in Texas. I have mentioned some gnarly hikes, swimming holes, and more.

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But there is a new spot that every baseball and swimming fanatic would be down to visit. If you love swimming and baseball, there's a place you can knock out those two in one place.

All I got to say is whoever had the brilliant idea to build a stadium by a lazy river is pure genius. This spot is the biggest water feature that is a part of a sports venue.

Can you just imagine saying you were able to catch a swim while watching a baseball game? I don't know how you would feel, but I would be down for that any day.

So, if you're down to watch some baseball at Riders Field from a lazy river, you can do just that. This nifty spot is in Frisco, Texas which is 651 miles away.

If you're at all curious about what it's like to watch baseball while swimming just refer to the Frisco RoughRiders YouTube videos below.

If Southwest University Park had this feature, I guarantee that section would be sold out. Hell, as it is my son (haven't shown my daughter yet) loves the splash pad at the Chihuahuas.

Families in El Paso would also agree that home games on hot days wouldn't be a problem anymore. Since you would just stay fresh throughout the entire 9 innings.

This is definitely something that would be awesome to scope out before the summer ends. But if you would prefer to swim instead of sit, check out the tickets here.

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