The Russell Athletic wear company just released a brand new commercial featuring our very own Chico the Chihuahua! Because they're right. You don't know heat till you spend a summer here in West Texas.

We all know summers in El Paso can get hot.

We mean REALLY hot. Especially when the temperatures this week are going to be 105 degrees this week. Regular El Pasoans have trouble keeping cool in the heat, which made Russell Athletic wonder how Chico can keep cool under all that fur during baseball games at Southwest University Park.

I know this is a commercial to advertise their Fresh Force underwear, but all the El Paso mentions in the ad are pretty cool. Bringing in Spas for Paws, H and H car wash and more, this commercials screams El Paso. Great ad for their brand and also for the El Paso Chihuahuas brand too. Check out the commercial above and see how many El Paso locations you see and El Paso locals you can spot.

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