Wes Scantlin has had quite the life over the past 20 years. Lots of ups and unfortunately a whole lot of downs. Shim and I had the chance to chat with Wes for Rockstar 101 and I was really looking forward to this interview. Wes did not disappoint. He was great. He knows what he's been through and what he's done and doesn't seem to shy away from questions. You can watch the episode...

Or you can find the episode wherever you get your podcasts. Spotify, Apple, Google, it doesn't matter, it's available. You can also CLICK HERE to become a supporter of the podcast. If you ever have a question or want to know what else Shim and I have going on, here are some details for you:

If you ever have a question, comment, or topic you'd like discussed, feel free to reach out to us. If you check out Shim's Twitch channel you can right music with him. If you head over to my Twitch channel, it's pretty much The After Buzz but at some point I'm going to start throwing down on some video games. Namely Rocket League, but it doesn't have to be limited to that. The first thing I have to do though is upgrade my Internet. What I'm working with now just ain't gonna cut it.

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