That’s the headline about this version of Nirvana’s “About a Girl” that Puddle of Mudd did for Sirius/XM a few months ago. It’s probably not THE WORST cover version of all time. I mean, I’ve heard a group of 7th graders who were just learning to play do a cover of “I Wanna be Sedated” that was SO bad even their grandparents were booing. But, as far as actual, professional musicians goes…this one is pretty bad.

It’s mostly Wes Scantlin’s vocals which…how do I put this...weren’t up to the task. It’s obvious that this isn’t a vocal range that Wes is comfortable in. I mean, they had to have PRACTICED the song, right? You’d think someone would have suggested a lower, more realistic key for Wes Scantlin to sing in. Or, maybe the rest of the band are enjoying the joke. That would explain why the other guitarist seems to be stifling a laugh when the camera pans to him.

As with most terrible things in this world, the comments section is the best part. There are some pretty awesome comments on this video, including this one: “ME: Courtney Love was the worst thing that ever happened to Kurt Cobain.” PUDDLE OF MUDD: “Hold my beer.”

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