It feels nice that concerts are returning to the borderland again. It has been what seems like forever since we've been to one. Thanks to the pandemic we've had to alter our lifestyles a bit just for precaution.

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But it seems like things are looking up and we're getting back into the groove of things. Lately, you may have noticed your social media newsfeed filled with concert tour announcements. But one of those concert announcements includes Puddle of Mudd.

Over the years we've welcomed Puddle of Mudd to El Paso, Texas on more than one occasion. So hopefully you should know where this is going, but Puddle of Mudd will be returning to El Paso. We were bummed when Puddle of Mudd canceled a show at Tricky Falls in 2014 but returned in 2016 for Mud-Fest.

You also should remember when Puddle of Mudd was one of our guests for the Downtown Street Festival in 2010. Now it may seem a little blurry since it has been a very long time since Puddle of Mudd was in El Paso. But if you've been suffering from Puddle of Mud withdrawals you're in luck.

Luckily, El Paso can see Puddle of Mudd again this year at the popular Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. Puddle of Mudd will be performing in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, September 4. We've been waiting to hear "Blurry" live again and luckily we get to do so in a couple of months. So mark your calendars and save the date to see Puddle of Mudd perform in El Paso, again.

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