Throughout the history of serial killers, Richard Ramirez, aka The Night Stalker, from El Paso, Texas is regarded as one of the creepiest & most evil people to ever come out of West Texas. While of course he committed (most) of his crimes in Los Angeles, he is undoubtedly the most well known serial killer to be born in El Paso, Texas.

During his life he rarely gave interviews, but there was ONE interview that the internet certainly knows: when Richard Ramirez appeared on The Maury Povich Show in 1991.

When did Richard Ramirez appear on Maury?

Now before Maury became known for his "You...ARE The father!" line, his show was a normal show of him inviting guests to appear on national television. On one episode, Maury interviewed a woman, Ginny Petersen, who nearly became a victim of the Night Stalker, shortly after Richard's arrest. Ginny shared her terrifying story on how her & her husband nearly were shot & killed in the night.

During the clip that was uploaded onto YouTube, they included a short video of Maury's interview WITH Richard Ramirez that was recorded on August 21, 1991 while Richard was on Death Row. We certainly know it's Richard because he literally tells us that humans are capable of...well...doing something completely awful.

Of course if you want JUST the part of Richard Ramirez, people have uploaded just that part of the video online too.

Where is the full episode of Maury's show with Richard Ramirez?

The most interesting thing is that, the episode that contained the full Maury interview with Richard Ramirez is nowhere to be found online. The only video you'll find from that August 21, 1991 episode IS the clip where Richard talks. Presumably there's much more to the interview SOMEWHERE...

But as of right now, until the whole episode or Richard Ramirez interview from that 1991 taping appear,  this is considered a piece of "lost media" (although techinically I'd called it 'partially lose media' since there's at least 30 seconds of Richard's infamous appearance on Maury's show).

We've seen many lost episodes, tv shows, pieces of video game history reappear before so, maybe this too will be uncovered as well.

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