Richard Ramirez has been in the news over the past few years because of shows either about him or using his likeness in a fictional show. They've used him in American Horror Story, and even had him as one of the main characters in American Horror Story: 1984. Most recently we have the documentary Night Stalker on Netflix.

Over on the El Paso subreddit, someone (mysteriouszotter) posed the question:

Hi I just want to get more context on the background of Richard. Anyone know the reputation of the area he grew up in? I Know he lived near the historic cemetery. What was the communities general feelings back in the day and now in El Paso about him?

Correct me if I’m wrong. I think his family stayed pretty loyal until the end to his innoncence and kept in contact with him. Even visiting him in San Quentin annually. They had a ton of court fees they were responsible for too.

Anyone grow up knowing him and the family? The neighborhood? Any cultural connections you feel are left out of the stories or things in general?

Boy did El Paso come strong with responses to this post. Of course, remember, this comes from random people posting on Reddit, so take each post with a grain of salt.

The_Lone_Escapist said:

My mother went to Jefferson High School with him. She said he was a bit of a loner, gave off a creepy vibe when he stared at people at school and drew some disturbing pictures.

I think if she had an account here, she could better explain her side.

The_Real_Gilgongo said:

My father went to school with him briefly. He was something of a "burnout" himself and claimed that Ramirez weirded even them out and they avoided him. According to him Richard didn't really have any friends that he knew of.

griselda66 said:

me once that Richard Ramirez has been in one of her Comparative Religion classes when he lived in El Paso. She told me that he was a very intelligent young man, very quiet, and that she was shocked to know that he turned out to be the Night Stalker.

The cemetery that you are asking about in El Paso is probably La Concordia, the oldest cemetery in the city.

Netprincess said:

He used to show up at the river keg parties ( the 3 trees then 2 trees after one burned down) . He always would give me such a creepy vibe I never really chatted with him except for once.

Everyone at that time went to the river to party. Westside people and East side, the parties where huge, we also partied out at surfers ( off roading area).

A recurring theme that pops up in the subreddit question also has to do with nuclear fallout and Richard's siblings having birth defects. There hasn't been any proof of this, and this isn't really a big thing from El Paso either. There was an interesting story of nuclear contamination down in Juarez though. You can find that story by CLICKING HERE.

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