We all remember those funny conversations we had with friends claiming we couldn't ever be taken hostage because we're smarter than that. And then we would also joke about the way someone could lure us in with something that's a personal favorite of ours. Whether it may be food, company, or a space for music some of us would probably fall for the trap.

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We all think there is no way a serial killer could lure us in their creepy van or truck. But you would be surprised and probably relate to one woman who shared the funniest tweet on Twitter.

Patricia Correll shared how a serial killer would be able to lure her in with no problems which I too, would somewhat be lured into what Patricia considers paradise. Except for me, I would be lured in with tons of music instead of books.

Patricia Correll's type of paradise was a van filled with books and lights hanging all around. Directly below you can get an idea of Patricia Correll's way of being lured in by a serial killer.

The kind of truck that would lure me in with no hesitation would have to be all about Deftones and chill. The truck would have somewhat the same setup as above but with music, a television playing nothing but Deftones music videos, and Chino Moreno's doll (see below).

My weakness a serial killer could lure me in with would be a Deftones cruiser that's for sure. But I am curious about what your weakness is that someone could use to lure you in with. Share your make-believe way of being lured in by a serial killer.

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