John Stamos is having a moment. Well, actually, I don't think he ever left the spotlight. He's revived his role as everybody's favorite uncle- Uncle Jesse- on the Netflix reboot Fuller House, and is currently producing the final season. Most recently, he had a surprising cameo on the hit show You as Dr. Nicky (if you haven't seen that show I highly recommend you do!).

Add to Stamos' long list of accomplishments: artist. The actor, who grew up painting and drawing- debuted two never before seen pieces of art at the Malibu Lumber Yard Gallery. The central influence of his work? Richard Ramirez a.k.a. The Night Stalker.

Speaking to ET, Stamos explained that when his career was just starting, he met Tiger Beat editor Doreen Lioy who "groomed him" to help make him a star. She was the first to feature Stamos in the magazine, ultimately making him a staple on the magazine's cover. Lioy was more than just an editor who helped his status, she also was a family friend. Stamos explains that his mom and Lioy became great friends, exchanging letters and even spend holiday's with the Stamos family.

While Stamos was busy becoming a famous star, Lioy became romantically involved with Richard Ramirez and married him in 1996. She was Mrs. Richard Ramirez until his death in 2013, although there are reports that they split before his death.


Stamos was shocked to find an article where Lioy described Ramirez as "kind, funny and charming" as those were the exact same things she said about Stamos. "What did she see in me that she saw in him?" Stamos asks. Whoa, baby. 

In one of Stamos' pieces, images and headlines about Ramirez's reign off terror are juxtaposed with headlines and images about Stamos' rising star. Lioy is also featured in his artwork. The pieces are part of a larger collection about idolatry and the teen idol world and are currently on display. 

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