Remember many moons ago when Eddie Vedder played at the Plaza Theatre? That night Eddie Vedder played a packed show and even invited a guest on stage to help sing along.

Kuno 915 luckily snuck in a video right before the concert ended and need I remind you that cameras were not allowed. If you ever tried searching for his performance in El Paso you won't find anything. Eddie Vedder needed a female voice for his song "You Belong To Me" and actually pulled a concert viewer up to help him. The two sang the song so perfectly and Eddie Vedder made sure she got a round of applause. This is why it's good to practice an instrument or using your vocal chords for situations like that. Hopefully, Eddie Vedder can come back to El Paso and put on another great show.

If you would love to see Eddie Vedder back in the Sun City again take the poll below!

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