Do you ever wonder if the Gold Nugget would still exist if the fire didn't burn it down? If you're asking what the Gold Nugget is, you may need to do your research. But if you do know what the Gold Nugget is then you know I am going way back in time. The time I got to ride the Gold Nugget was when I was about 5 years old. The haunted house, Gold Nugget had an abandoned gold mine theme. What I do remember from that ride is the amazing art skills it took. There was this little cart that carried you from the starting line to the end zone. Unfortunately, the Gold Nugget caught on fire, burnt down, and injured 9 people. The Gold Nugget opened up at Western Playland in 1971 and always remained a favorite. The Gold Nugget was in the shady area just before getting to the parachute and water rides. If you could bring back one ride, take the poll down below!

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