Some people's way of escaping problems or stress is by listening to music. There was a particular store that once existed that sold used CDs and DVDs on the Westside. That store was Wherehouse Music that was located off Sunland Park Dr. where Corner Bakery now exists.

I had visited Wherehouse Music from middle school days until they shut their doors for good. It was certainly exciting when you visited that store simply because you knew you would be walking out with new music. Wherehouse Music was the store you would take your sweet time at searching for the music or movies you wanted to take home.

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It was neat how you could pick out some used CDs and listen to them before buying. Wherehouse Music had their listening center placed right in the middle of the store. The listening center had quite a few stools for people to sit, listen, and relax.

Then towards the very back of the store, they had new releases set up for you to stand and listen to the entire CD. Wherehouse Music was the kind of store you wouldn't mind spending hours at. I remember times I visited the store other customers would have a stack of CDs (like me) that they would listen to.

Wherehouse music hasn't been around for quite some time now but we have another music store, All That Music. But I know there are others out there who share the same feelings for Wherehouse Music. Besides I don't think any other music store offers the deal Wherehouse Music offered to buy 7 CDs and get one for just a penny. Let me know if you also miss Wherehouse Music in the poll below.

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