The last time you visited Best Buy probably left you wondering a few things. Now if you're planning on buying some DVDs at Best Buy soon, consider elsewhere. If it's been a while since your last visit to Best Buy, then you should know you won't find the DVDs that you're looking for. If you go to Best Buy to purchase movies or TV series then you may want to resort to another place or online. My brother-in-law shops quite often at Best Buy and noticed the empty racks at the store. I had a hard time believing it for myself and he sent these pictures over to make me a believer. Sure enough, he sent over a few photos that had me surprised. I was so surprised that I wanted to share the pictures he took with you below. So it seems apparent that Best Buy doesn't plan on restocking their DVD inventory due to the empty racks.

Since the pandemic, certain new movies that have been released were released on a digital platform. For example, Disney+ and Spectrum's On Demand have premiered new movies digitally. The Trolls World Tour was released when the pandemic was becoming a serious issue. Another flick that was released for you to enjoy in your home was The Invisible Man that is still available On Demand. It seems like everything now is just resorting to digital methods. Could this be the reason why Best Buy won't restock their empty DVD racks? So if you're planning to buy a DVD at Best Buy, maybe you should reconsider since there isn't much. But what I want to know is if Best Buy plans on restocking their DVD racks or are they completely done with selling DVDs.

Best Buy's Empty DVD Racks

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