Holiday shopping ROCKS with THE Q!

When you’re doing your holiday shopping, be sure to check out the new Q-KIOSK at BASSETT PLACE!

KLAQ T-shirts, Balloonfest shirts, Brown Chicken-Brown Cow shirts….just $10.00
KLAQ Morning Show CD’s….just $10.00
Drop a “shot” into someone’s stocking! KLAQ Shot glasses….just $5.00.

Come check out some gift idea’s, for cheap at the Q-KIOSK…inside Bassett Place, in front of Blue Dining & Spirits. Open NOW!

Check out some of what we have for sale:
Balloonfest 2009 T-shirtsMen's L/XL$10
Go Green Expo T-shirtsMen's S/M/L/XL$10
Mexican Food World Cookoff T-shirtsWomen's S - Men's S/M/L/XL$10
Streetfest 2010 T-shirtsMen's XL$10
Champagne Fest T-shirtsMen's S/XL$10
Brown Chicken Brown Cow T-shirtsMen's M/L$10
Balloonfest 1999 T-shirtsMen's L/XL$10
Steak Rattle N Roll T-shirtsMen's XXL$10
KLAQ BBQ 2001 T-shirtsMen's M/XL$10
Leap Year Fest T-shirtsMen's XL$10
Balloonfest 1994 T-shirtsMen's XL$10
KLAQ BBQ 1998 T-shirtsMen's L/XL$10
Balloonfest 2000 T-shirtsMen's S/L$10
Balloonfest 2010 T-shirtsWomen's S/M/L/XL - Men's S/M/L/XL$10
Streetfest 2006 T-shirtsWomen's M/L - Men's M/L/XL/XXXL($15)$10
Balloonfest 2008 T-shirtsMen's S/M/L/XL$10
The Q T-shirtsMen's L/XL$10
Balloonfest 1992 PantsMen's L$20
Shot GlassesVARIETY$5
KLAQ Morning Show Best of CDsVARIETY OF YEARS$10
KLAQ Morning Show Best of Vol 15-QuinceaneraNEW CD$10
KLAQ Christmas Ornaments4 Colors To Choose From$5


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