I don't remember seeing this ad when it first aired back in 1989, but just the look and feel of it brings back a ton of nostalgia. Of course, as you watch this, you immediately think of ZZ Top. Well, it's not ZZ Top. It's a ZZ Top look-and-sound-a-like.

You know what's not a ZZ Top look-and-sound-a-like? ZZ FREAKIN TOP! And that's what you're going to get coming up on Saturday, August 1st for KLAQ's Party on Your Patio. It's another virtual concert that's being kicked off by the bearded band from Texas.

What can you expect from Party on Your Patio? Well, whatever you want to cook and drink because it's YOUR patio. How about the music? Kicking things off it's ZZ Top.

And wrapping everything up... MOTLEY CRUE!

There will also be a ton of giveaways during the Party on Your Patio, including:

  • An autographed Disturbed drum head
  • An autographed Five Finger Death Punch guitar
  • A drum head signed by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue

And those are just a few of the things we'll be giving away. How do you get in on these giveaways? Make sure you have the FREE KLAQ mobile app. It's the easiest way to take KLAQ wherever you go and to keep up to date with everything over at KLAQ.com

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