Normally you're used to reading posts from newbie 915 residents asking for recommendations. People who are new to El Paso ask for easier subjects to answer. For example, they ask for your help locating where the best food joints, clubs, and areas to live in, are at.

For me, those kinds of tips are easy to give, unlike the one recommendation I recently saw on Reddit. This will be the first time I am stumped and can't refer anything to our new Chuco Town resident.

Most of us can recommend a good place to grab a bite to eat or where the good drink specials are but this new resident to the 915 area needs help finding satanic churches or groups in El Paso. You would think this is a fake post or a joke, but the user confirmed it isn't.

Being the occasional snooper, I scrolled through the comments to find where exactly in El Paso someone could find these types of groups. Come to my surprise some people were able to make share some satanic guidance.

One person mentions a Facebook page created for fellow satanic worshipers. Another person was unsure if the one on Lee Trevino and Montana was still around. The last time I heard some El Paso talking about a satanic group was around last year in December after news broke about certain churches catching fire.

Growing up as a Catholic, I have no clue where any satanic groups or churches would be but if you do, feel free to help an El Pasoan out.

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