The cold weather is finally making its way to the borderland which means it's perfectly acceptable to bust out with your San Marcos cobija and a nice cup of hot chocolate. However, because we as a people have a finer palate, a regular cup of hot chocolate will not do! Oh, no, we need our hot chocolate to come from a thick hexagon shaped tablet that needs to be broken down and melted into milk on a hot stove. However, when tasked with choosing the hexagon shaped chocolate, which one are you reaching for? Chocolate Abuelita or Chocolate Ibarra?

I will admit that, for most part of my life, we bought Chocolate Abuelita. It's delicious right? Recently, though, someone offered me some hot chocolate made with Ibarra and  I was shooketh! It had a rich flavor and no weird aftertaste. When comparing the ingredients list, there was a stark difference: artificial flavors. Sadly, Chocolate Abuelita has added artificial flavors; Abuelita also has a bit more sugar- which probably contributes to the aftertaste I usually get with it.

Both products are made in Mexico, which fills me with a strong sense of pride. The chocolate rivals have created huge debates that I've seen on my own social media feeds and as also exhibited in this Yahoo thread and in this hilarious Buzzfeed taste-testing video.

In the end, it all comes down to preference, of course. Both are delicious in their own way and both make for a delicious hot chocolate. However, I think we can all agree that if you're not using milk to make these hot chocolates then you're doing it wrong! If you want to take it the extra mile- use a molinillo! So, do you know which one you're choosing to warm you up on a cold night?

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