Growing up, going to La Feria in Juárez was always a must in the summer. My parents would take my sister and I, and the memories we made were always worth the trip.

Obviously, many things have changed- and going back and forth from��Juárez to El Paso has gotten a bit more challenging. That is why TransBorde, a yellow charter bus that travels to and from Juárez, will be taking passengers who wish to visit La Feria but who possibly don't want to drive their car through Juárez.

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For $10, the bus will pick passengers up at 410 S. Santa Fe St in El Paso at 7 p.m. on Friday evening and bring riders back across the border at midnight. The buses will run Friday through Sunday through July 3. So there's still some time for you to check it out.

If you've never been, this TransBorde trip is the perfect opportunity to go! If you need a few reasons, here are seven reasons you should visit La Feria at least once in your life; and if it's not this year, then maybe next year!

The Food

Look, going to La Feria is pretty cheap. You pay 50 pesos, which is about $2.51 to enter. The food is also cheap- but delicious! From enchiladas to sweet pastries, you'll leave with a full tummy but happy heart.

The Drinks

Of course, if the food is great, then you know the drinks will be great too! These drinks also don't come in those small cups you may get at stadiums and concerts, these drinks require TWO hands to hold.

The Vendors 

Aside from food vendors, La Feria has a huge variety of artisans and vendors who sell things like makeup, jewelry and cookware. Really anything you may need you could find it at la Feria.

The Rides

La Feria is, after all, a fair! You have your usual carnival rides at just the most perfect location where, if you get on the Ferris wheel, you'll get a beautiful view of both El Paso and Juárez.

The Music

Aside from the big musical acts that come La Feria- for an additional fee- you can still enjoy some music and entertainment while you're walking around.

The Sideshows 

Conor Samuel via Unsplash
Conor Samuel via Unsplash

Whether it be seeing fire eaters, getting your palm read or learning the history of freak shows, La Feria usually has some pretty cool sideshows. Have I always wanted to see the woman who is half woman and half mermaid? Yes, but I was too scared to go in.

Los Voladores de Papantla

This is one of the coolest shows you'll see at La Feria.

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