Some people had to rely on Ciudad Juarez to get crunk since the legal age to drink across the border is 18. There are some familiar spots that you may recall partying at in Juarez with friends.

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Some of those places you enjoyed downing those coronitas at were Renos, Chamucos, The News, and last but not last, Tequila Derby. The Tequila Derby in Juarez always had a line to get in unless you were good friends with Esther.

Esther was the woman who would be at the door and if she knew you, you wouldn't have to pay a cover charge. But I always questioned how the Tequila Derby could be such a popular spot to party despite its conditions.

For example, if you partied at Tequila Derby then you should remember the sticky carpet floors that were from either drinks or vomit. Now we didn't call it the "Dirty Derbs" for nothing.

But that was the spot you would catch some ladies jumping up on the bar to dance their hearts away. The Tequila Derby had an upstairs part where most of us usually stayed closest to the bar and dance floor.

A spot downtown, EPIC Bar and Nightclub plan on bringing Juarez to El Paso. Now it got me thinking if there were a Tequila Derby night, I am sure it would be a reunion for some.

If a Tequila Derby night were to ever happen in El Paso, it would be a packed house for sure. Imagine hearing all the jams we used to drink and dance to at 18 made a comeback for one night except in El Paso?

I would like to know how many of you would be down to attend if a Tequila Derby party came about. I definitely enjoyed the times I partied there from 2003 through 2005 in my youth. You may remember some of the mixes you heard there from DJ PI2FO which you can hear on the YouTube video below.

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