It's awesome to look at old photos of your hometown before it had all the attractions it has now. What is even better is finding rare footage taken from an old camera dating back to 1961!

Arve Tunstad some how managed to get an old video uploaded to YouTube that features El Paso, Ft. Bliss and Juarez. It was recorded on his dad's 8mm camera dating back all the way to 1961. This personal home video features classic cars, buses, and those Kodak moments to cherish. The only thing you will notice in the video that still remains the same is the mountain. It also gives you a sneak peek on how Fort Bliss terrain and their duties. It is crazy to see how much has changed for El Paso, Fort Bliss and Juarez from tearing down old buildings to gaining new attractions.

This rare footage is quite the gem for your eyes to see of your home town whether it be EL Paso, Fort Bliss or Juarez!

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