Today being Thursday I thought it would be appropriate to do a throwback post when El Paso used to have a Trolley. We have John Engleman to thank for providing these vintage photos from the 60's he took.

It's always awesome to look back at old photos of your hometown especially of something we will be getting back. Right now we may be frustrated about all the construction currently taking place but in the end will soon be worth it. Due to the new trolley system they had to close portions of Mesa and Glory Road for this project. The video has a photo gallery of the trolley trolling around different areas of El Paso. The collection of photos John provided are still intact and in good condition for being considerably old. 1711and14 created a short video of all the photos taken from John on the El Paso Trolley.

Let us know if you're looking forward to trolling around El Paso on the new trolley system below!

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