Benny Mardones died yesterday after a long battle with Parkinson’s. He was 73 years old. He had one big hit but it was HUGE. In 1989-1990 you couldn’t turn the radio to a Top 40 station without hearing this song within the next 20 minutes. Seriously, I think the Tulsa Top 40 scheduled this song to run at least 3 times an hour.

The song was “Into the Night” and, to be fair, it was a jam. But there was a problem. The lyrics are from the perspective of an older guy who is passionately in love with a girl but she is “just 16 years old”.

OK, fine, fine…just because Benny wrote and sang the song doesn’t mean HE was the guy with the unnatural attraction to a barely pubescent girl, right? But, the video was also very popular. And that video has lots of “ick-factor” moments. Here are 5 of them.

1.) Benny Mardones plays the part of the lovelorn predator.

Benny’s character is CLEARLY a middle aged man who smokes and litters. Even if he were age-appropriate I could understand a father objecting to a guy like this being interested in his daughter

2.) The “Dad” makes it clear that this is HIGHLY Inappropriate

You know it’s a problem when your underage girlfriend’s dad looks YOUNGER than you do.

3.) Things get even more creepy when he goes to her bedroom window.

Alright, dude…this is the point where Chris Hanson enters and asks you what you’re up to.

4.) Criminal Trespass


If the Dad from earlier were to walk in at this point I think he would be justified in shooting the stalker in his daughter’s bedroom. Also…Benny, why did you bring your own RUG?? Are you going to roll her up in it and sneak her out through the front door?

5.) Oh, it’s a FLYING carpet


Well, now he’s just abducted a child and, from the looks of things, has transported her across state lines for immoral purposes. On the flying carpet ride (that was clearly ripped off a few years later by “Aladdin”) the young girl is treated to such romantic views as the Statue of Liberty, the New Jersey Turnpike and Benny Mardones’ tonsils.

Benny Mardones actually talked about the inspiration for the song’s lyrics on multiple occasions. It’s nowhere near as salacious as the video but it’s an interesting story in its own right. You can read about it here.

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