I'm generally not one for New Year's resolutions, but I can't think of a better one that a smoker can make than to commit to finally kicking the butts.

Now that I'm secure in being a non-smoker, I'm trying not to be that annoyingly chipper former smoker who tells everyone she sees with a cigarette dangling from their mouths that they, too, can be free from the powers of nicotine, but it's been hard not to encourage those I care about now that I know quitting is actually easier than I expected it to be.

While the first few days of quitting were rough (if you listen to the Morning Show, you likely heard my teary breakdown), once I got through those days, it was easier than I expected and something that's attainable for any smoker.

And the best part? There's tons of people who have quit before you and would be happy to lend support and there's tons of free resources available to help you on the journey.

I worked with the folks at A Smoke Free Paso del Norte initiative, which provides support to those going through the extremely difficult process, and I encourage any smokers who have been thinking about giving quitting a try, to head over to their website and set their own quit dates or to call the Quit Line to connect with a quit coach at (915) 534-QUIT.

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